How TO Download from this website

TO Download from this website download the following link software & follow the following steps it is much easy then all others.
Note it can download every thing which play online audio song video song you tube song & much more remember which ever thing plays it can grab or download it

Using this
software Grab Pro to Download Social Media

With 2 simple step, Grab Pro can download any social media like download YouTube completed. And using the same way, Grab Pro can download IMEEM™, download Dailymotion, download Pandora and download all social video and music easily

Download Media Step 1: Play the media at the page. Grab Pro will start to grab the playing media automatically:

Download Media step 2: Click yellow area to call out the item list. Click "Download it" to download the grabbed media:

wait Downloading Media:

Download Media completed:

Instruction: click on the song in any playlist which are in the different post, the post links on left side of page & when it play the yellow area will show 1 from there u can download what ever u want song to download. AND your Default Folder will be in C drive folder name (downloads)